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Premises liability suit filed against Dollar General

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Premises Liability

A quickly occurring slip-and-fall accident in New York can unfortunately lead to long-term physical and even financial challenges. One man in another state recently claimed that a slip-and-fall accident at a Dollar General store caused him serious injuries. He has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the variety store.

Because the Dollar General store is a public business, the man claimed to have been an invitee to the premises when the accident took place. While entering the store, the man reportedly slipped and fell on a floor that was wet. He asserted that the floor was wet since the previous day had been a rainy one.

The man was allegedly injured as a result of the accident. He has accused Dollar General of being negligent by not treating the wet part of the ground or preventing water from collecting at the store’s entrance. The store is also being blamed for not putting a warning sign in the area.

As part of the premises liability lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages. A person who is injured on a business property in the state of New York due to the negligence of the business owner has the right to take legal action in an effort to hold that business accountable. Liability has to be established based upon a showing of negligence before claims for monetary damages will be decided. A monetary award may help to cover medical bills, the loss of wages and other losses tied to an injury accident caused by a business’s dangerous property conditions.

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