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Month: June 2016

Premises liability suit filed against Dollar General

A quickly occurring slip-and-fall accident in New York can unfortunately lead to long-term physical and even financial challenges. One man in another state recently claimed that a slip-and-fall accident at a Dollar General store caused him serious injuries. He has...

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Medical malpractice suit filed following knee surgery

A doctor's failure to diagnose a patient's medical condition in New York may unfortunately lead to serious harm to the patient, if not death. One man in another state recently filed a medical malpractice suit against a physician and hospital after they allegedly...

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Estate plans featuring wills, trusts provide many benefits

Some New Yorkers avoid estate planning simply due to lack of time, while others simply don't understand its importance. Estate planning, including drafting wills and creating trusts, is a process that involves determining how people would like their assets to be...

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Vitamins may help in treating brain injury

Brain injury can unfortunately cause people in New York to suffer symptoms such as seizures or concentration problems. There currently is no known cure for traumatic brain injuries. However, researchers recently said that vitamins might actually play a role in the...

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