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On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Premises Liability

Property owners in New York are tasked with a relatively simple requirement — to keep their property free from hazards and to properly caution visitors if any still exist. Whether private or public, some property owners fail to maintain safe premises, which can lead to dangerous accidents that result in injuries. Injured victims are often left with no choice but to file a premises liability suit against the owner and/or party in possession of the property.

Slip-and-fall accidents tend to be the butt of the joke on sitcoms and in movies, but slippery floors actually pose a serious threat to safety. Whether a spill was not attended to in a timely manner or employees failed to give adequate warning, unexpected falls can cause serious bodily damage. Some slip-and-fall victims even suffer serious head injuries.

Even if a property owner has otherwise attended to possible hazards, failing to provide security in or adequately light parking lots, walkways or other dark areas can be just as dangerous. Assaults that occur on another person’s property and that could have been prevented had proper safety measures been taken also fall under property liability. Simply put, if an owner is aware of a dangerous area but does not make sure visitors are well protected, he or she could be responsible.

Since slip-and-fall injuries have been mocked so heavily in widespread media, some victims in New York feel hesitant to move forward with premises liability claims. We understand the myriad of emotions that our clients struggle with when seeking compensation for their injuries. Our years of experience and knowledge working in the world of property liability allows us to provide the necessary guidance to injured clients.


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