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April 2016 Archives

Car accidents involving scooters may lead to injuries

An injury accident recently took place between a car and motor scooter in New York. The accident took place during the early morning hours on a Saturday. Police said the car struck the scooter, which was being driven by a man, 21. If these types of car accidents occur due to the negligence of one driver, that driver may be held liable through the civil court system.

Premises liability lawsuit filed after boy allegedly injures foot

Companies in New York that fail to maintain their properties in proper condition may be held liable if visitors are injured on their properties as a result. In one recent out-of-state case, a 16-year-old boy suffered a foot injury at a Family Dollar Store due to the unsafe condition of the store's sidewalk. The mother of the boy has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the store.

Get the compensation you need with a premises liability claim

Property owners in New York are tasked with a relatively simple requirement -- to keep their property free from hazards and to properly caution visitors if any still exist. Whether private or public, some property owners fail to maintain safe premises, which can lead to dangerous accidents that result in injuries. Injured victims are often left with no choice but to file a premises liability suit against the owner and/or party in possession of the property.

Medical malpractice claim settled for $30 million

When a surgeon in New York causes an injury to a patient due to failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care, he or she may be held liable. A $30 million settlement recently resulted from a malpractice suit involving surgical errors in another state. The surgeon in this medical malpractice case is said to have done experimental surgeries on a patient who was an infant.

Trusts can help to protect retirement assets

A retirement account is usually the most significant asset a person owns. Through estate planning, people in New York can make sure that their heirs will get the most benefits from what remains of their retirement assets after their deaths. Trusts are particularly helpful for achieving this goal -- specifically, the typical revocable trust.

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