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Child with brain injury can benefit from early nutrition support

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2016 | Brain Injury

For children in New York and other states who have endured traumatic brain injuries, nutritional support early in the course of medical treatment has been associated better outcomes. More specifically, a child with a traumatic brain injury may experience the best results if he or she receives food within three days of being in the intensive care unit. This is based on recent research findings.

There are currently many physiology-focused and high-technology treatments for brain injuries. However, researchers and medical providers often become so engrossed in taking care of the injured brains of children that they may forget the importance of feeding these children in the ICU. Researchers recently emphasized that nutrition is yet another important treatment for an injured brain.

Good nutrition has actually already been receiving increased focus in the ICU environment. However, the recently completed research provides data that further validates the importance of continuing to address nutrition early in the treatment process. Only when an ICU features an optimum environment can patients be in positions to experience some natural healing.

Traumatic brain injury can, unfortunately, alter a person’s life in a very negative way, causing a person to experience both cognitive and emotional challenges. However, if a person’s brain injury is the result of the negligence of another party — such as speeding that resulted in a motor vehicle accident — the party deemed to be at fault may be held liable through the New York civil court system. If liability is established to the civil court’s satisfaction in a personal injury claim involving brain injury, compensation could be awarded.

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