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Month: February 2016

Wills have essential powers and are not all the same

Sometimes people in New York believe that simply having a will is enough for them to complete their estate plans. Wills certainly do have essential powers in the event of death. However, powers of attorney are also essential pieces of an estate plan.A will provides no...

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Car accidents may lead to medical costs, lost wages

Following a New York vehicle accident in which you are an injured victim, your focus can quickly turn from your medical recovery to being worried about insurance claims. You may also be worried about being denied medical care or losing wages due to having to miss...

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Premises liability suit filed after woman slips on ramp

Slip-and-fall accidents in New York can occur if businesses do not keep their properties free of debris or remove other potential hazards. Unfortunately, one seemingly small slip can result in significant medical bills, along with pain and suffering. One woman in a...

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Family awarded $30 million in medical malpractice case

Sometimes doctors' negligence in New York causes a person to suffer serious and permanent injuries. In a situation of alleged medical malpractice, the reportedly careless doctor may be held accountable through the legal system. One family in a recent out-of-state case...

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Creating wills, trusts important during tax season

One of the biggest mistakes that people in New York make is that they do not create estate plans, which may include wills or trusts. People who have created wills also often make the mistake of not keeping their executors and beneficiaries updated. In addition to...

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