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January 2016 Archives

Woman files medical malpractice claim following dad's death

Medical negligence in New York can unfortunately cause a person to suffer severe injuries or even lose his or her life. One woman in another state recently said medical malpractice on the part of three doctors caused her father's death. She has therefore filed a suit against a hospital and the three doctors.

Dissolvable implant may be used to monitor brain injury

Brain injuries in New York can affect a person long term, both cognitively and emotionally. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this medical problem. Researchers, however, have come up with a potential way to monitor brain injury, involving the use of an implant that actually melts away when it is no longer needed.

Medical malpractice claims often filed against specialists

Medical malpractice can unfortunately change the life of a patient for the worse in New York. For instance, a patient may end up suffering permanent injuries and complications that are both costly to treat medically in addition to leading to a poor quality of life. Medical malpractice can also cause emotional scars for the patient who is a victim of it.

New York car accidents: multi-car wreck causes several injuries

Four people recently suffered injuries in a multi-vehicle crash in New York. The accident involved six automobiles. It took place in the early morning hours on a Thursday. These types of car accidents can easily occur if one motorist is careless behind the wheel.

Factors to consider when addressing inheritances in wills, trusts

As people in New York attempt to prepare for the future, one important area involves creating a plan for their kids to inherit their assets. Typical concerns when addressing assets in wills or trusts include the ages of the kids, their maturity levels, the size of a potential inheritance and divorce risk. Several factors are important to consider in the design of an inheritance.

Medical malpractice suit filed following gallbladder surgery

When a doctor makes a mistake in a procedure, this can sadly lead to major, long-lasting harm to a patient in New York. One man in another state recently claimed that a surgeon botched a gallbladder removal procedure. He has filed a medical malpractice suit against the surgeon.

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