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Premises liability suit filed against car dealership

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Premises Liability

Dangerous property at a business location in New York can quickly cause a person to suffer injuries that may be costly health wise and monetarily. In one recent out-of-state case, a woman said she was injured on a slippery carpet at a car dealership. The woman has thus decided to file a premises liability suit against the company.

The woman said she was visiting the premises of a Toyota dealership one day. She ended up slipping and falling on one part of a carpet that was drenched with water. The fall reportedly caused the woman to suffer injuries.

The woman said she was not able to see the liquid that had accumulated on the carpet. She said it was the responsibility of the car dealership to maintain conditions that were safe. The woman is seeking $50,000 in damages as part of the suit, plus costs.

Businesses in New York have a duty to ensure that their properties are reasonably safe and are free of hazards, including slipping and tripping hazards. Unfortunately, sometimes companies fail to do this, or if there are hazards present, they do not appropriately warn patrons about the hazards; in some instances, they know about hazards but fail to address them to prevent injuries. In these situations, people who are injured on the business properties have the right to file premises liability claims, seeking damages. Monetary damages awarded in a successfully fought case might include monetary relief, which may help the injury victim to experience a sense of justice in the ordeal.

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