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November 2015 Archives

Medical malpractice filed against university

When a doctor ends up harming the very patient he or she was expected to help in New York, it is within the legal rights of the patient to take legal action. In one out-of-state case, a man said a doctor at a university improperly placed screws in him, thus causing serious neurological problems. The man has thus filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the university.

Trusts, wills important for young people too

When individuals in New York are young and healthy, it is easy for them to overlook the value of estate planning. However, failing to create an estate plan is a major mistake. Estate planning, which may involve creating wills or setting up trusts, is critical for ensuring that a person's assets end up in the hands of those whom he or she intends to receive them in the event of his or her death.

Wealthy have unique concerns when creating wills, trusts

Estate planning is a valuable tool for ensuring that a person's assets go to the proper heirs when he or she dies in New York. This is important for people of all income levels, but it is especially important for those who are wealthy. A couple of tips may help people with high-value assets to engage in prudent estate planning, which may include creating wills or setting up trusts.

Car accidents involvinig DUI may lead to injuries, death

One woman's family is grieving following a vehicle crash that took her life in New York; multiple other people suffered injuries in the accident. The crash took place early in the morning on a recent Sunday and allegedly involved driving under the influence. When reported DUI car accidents end up killing an individual, the reportedly intoxicated driver may be held accountable not only through the criminal justice system but also the civil court system.

Death may result from car accidents involving pedestrians

One vehicle accident in New York recently led to the death of a pedestrian. In addition, three other people suffered injuries. These types of car accidents may happen because a driver failed to pay attention to the road, in which case this driver may be held financially responsible for deaths and injuries that occur as a result.

Car accidents may lead to injuries, deaths in New York

Three people lost their lives in a vehicle accident that recently took place in New York. Four other people were also hurt in the crash. Monetary compensation awarded in a related civil suit may not be able to restore the lives of those lost or undo the injuries suffered in these types of car accidents; however, it may help to provide closure in such a situation.

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