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Car accidents may lead to traumatic injuries, death

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

One woman recently died and two other individuals suffered critical injuries following a crash in New York. The car accident involved two vehicles and took place on a recent Tuesday evening. These types of car accidents are often the result of the negligence of a driver on a road, such as the failure to abide by traffic laws.

The recent New York accident happened a little before 6 p.m. A woman, 43, was driving a white sport utility vehicle west on a local roadway in Richmond Hill. Police said the driver ignored a red light.

A car operated by a 23-year-old woman collided with the SUV in the intersection. The SUV then went up over a curb and struck three pedestrians from teh same family. The ages of the injured victims were listed as 52, 58 and 2. They were taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries. Sadly, the 52-year-old did not survive.

Apart from any criminal charges brought, the woman believed to have run the red light may face claims for financial responsibility for the death and other injuries resulting from the New York motor vehicle accident. The surviving loved ones of the woman who died may decide to file a wrongful death claim, while the injured parties may choose to file personal injury lawsuits, seeking damages associated with these types of car accidents. A claim on behalf of the toddler would typically be filed by a parent or guardian. A successfully fought lawsuit may help to provide a much-needed financial recovery following the deadly collision.

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