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October 2015 Archives

Jury awards man over $9 million in medical malpractice case

When a doctor in New York makes a mistake while tending to a patient, the results can be permanent damage. One man in another state said his anesthesiologist caused him to suffer damage to his spinal cord, resulting in paralysis, during a surgery in 2012. He filed a medical malpractice suit and was recently awarded more than $9 million in the case.

Wills among estate documents important for unmarried couples

Couples who are married or who are simply living together in New York would be wise to consider estate planning matters in fair and sensible manners. The biggest error that many couples make is that they fail to plan and do not discuss their financial lives. Good communication can help couples to create wills that take into consideration their unique needs, in addition to tackling other parts of a comprehensive estate plan.

Car accidents may lead to traumatic injuries, death

One woman recently died and two other individuals suffered critical injuries following a crash in New York. The car accident involved two vehicles and took place on a recent Tuesday evening. These types of car accidents are often the result of the negligence of a driver on a road, such as the failure to abide by traffic laws.

Woman files premises liability suit against McDonald's

When a business in New York does not keep its property safe and someone ends up dying as a result, it may face claims for financial accountability through the legal system. In one out-of-state case, the loved ones of a worker at a McDonald's who was killed after she was stabbed multiple times blames the restaurant for her death. A premises liability claim asserts that the restaurant permitted the woman's ex-boyfriend to loiter there for several hours prior to the woman's death.

Woman sues doctor, alleging medical malpractice during surgery

Medical malpractice during a surgical procedure in New York can be life-threatening for a patient; this is why it is grounds for a lawsuit. One person in another state recently filed a medical malpractice suit against two medical care businesses as well as a doctor following a surgery on her cervical spine. She said the defendants were medically negligent while caring for her.

Wills, durable powers of attorney important estate planning tools

When people get ready to retire, they face many different legal issues. These include asset protection, estate planning, long-term care expenses and medical costs. Seniors who specifically create wills can spend their golden years in New York enjoying life, knowing that their wishes regarding their assets will be met in the event of their deaths.

Car accidents involving buses may lead to serious injuries

An injury accident involving a bus and car recently took place in New York. These types of car accidents can easily take place if one driver fails to pay attention to the road, such as driving while distracted, or driving too quickly for road conditions. The recent New York accident led to one injury.

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