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Month: September 2015

Trusts helpful for managing assets

Trusts are valuable estate planning tools when it comes to managing your assets in the complex modern world. However, determining which trusts may be fitting for your situation in the event of your death can be overwhelming, with the wrong decision potentially having...

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Tori Spelling files premises liability lawsuit

A slip-and-fall accident can cause serious injuries in a wide range of business settings, including restaurants in New York. One high-profile individual recently said she was a victim of this type of accident while she was at a hibachi restaurant in another state....

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Man files medical malpractice suit, awarded $28 million

When a New York doctor misdiagnoses a serious condition, this may reduce a patient's quality of life or even end his or her life in certain circumstances. One out-of-state medical malpractice case involves a patient who said that doctors misdiagnosed his ulcer. He...

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Car accidents can lead to fatal injuries

One woman recently died in a New York accident involving a motorcycle. These types of car accidents sometimes occur due to the carelessness of an individual behind the wheel. The recent crash took place on a recent Monday night. The woman who passed away was 22 years...

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Traumatic brain injury symptoms have many causes

Traumatic brain injuries can change people's lives in a variety of ways based on the severity of their individual cases. One person with traumatic brain injury, for example, may struggle to concentrate on tasks, while others may experience headaches and memory...

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Car accidents may stem from negligence, mechanical failure

Four men tragically lost their lives in a single-car accident in New York. The accident took place on a recent Wednesday morning. These types of fatal car accidents sometimes happen due to the negligence of the driver, in which case the driver may be held liable for...

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