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Month: August 2015

Woman may face wrongful death claims following fatal crash

Four vehicle passengers sadly lost their lives in a recent single-vehicle collision in New York. The driver, who was the sole survivor in the accident, suffered severe injuries. The accident took place on a recent Wednesday morning and very well may lead to wrongful...

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Mistakes easy to make when creating wills

People in New York sometimes avoid the subject of estate planning simply because they consider it to be a morbid subject. However, creating wills or trusts as part of an estate plan is an effective way for people to protect their assets in the event of their deaths. A...

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Premises liability suit filed against Sam’s Club

Getting injured at a business in New York due to the business owner's carelessness is grounds for a lawsuit. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said she was injured at Sam's Club store after slipping on watermelon. She and her husband have filed a premises...

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Breast surgeon faces medical malpractice suit

When a doctor's negligence in New York ends up causing harm to his or her patients, this medical professional may be held accountable through the civil court system. One woman in another state recently filed a medical malpractice suit against her surgeon after he...

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Car accidents may cause injuries or death in New York

An accident involving a single car recently led to one death and three injuries in New York. The accident happened on a Saturday morning. When injury- or death-causing car accidents take place because drivers are careless behind the wheel, this is grounds for a civil...

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Wills are an important part of estate planning

People often focus on achieving future goals, such as saving money for their retirement years or for their children's college expenses. However, estate planning is often neglected, as many people in New York and other areas prefer not to focus on this seemingly...

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