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Woman files medical malpractice suit against plastic surgeon

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Undergoing surgery in New York can understandably be nerve-wrecking, as the patient may worry about whether or not the procedure will be successful. When a surgeon is negligent and ends up harming a patient as a result, this can drastically impact the person’s quality of life both physically and emotionally. One woman in another state said a plastic surgeon injured her during surgery, so she has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against him.

The woman said a doctor performed a surgery on her to augment her breasts. However, she said the doctor did not exercise reasonable care when working on her and was reckless, careless and negligent. According to the woman’s complaint, the doctor did not inform the woman of the surgery-related risks. He also downplayed his negligent care of her and did not treat the complications caused by his care.

In addition, the doctor allegedly did not appropriately address the woman’s surgical wounds, which were not healing well. The woman claimed he also did not address lumps, deformities and nodules stemming from his negligent care. She said she will require treatment in the future because of her injuries, which are permanent.

The woman said the medical malpractice incident has caused her emotional distress, disfigurement, scarring, physical deformities, discomfort and pain, and it has made her unable to enjoy life. She is therefore seeking compensatory damages as well as punitive damages, which can be awarded in cases of egregious fault. It is within the legal rights of anybody injured by a doctor in New York to seek to hold the medical professional accountable through the civil court system.

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