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Hospital accused of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

When people fall ill in New York, they depend on their doctors and medical staff to treat them appropriately and nurse them back to health. Carelessness on the part of medical professionals, however can end up exacerbating the patient’s medical condition. One man in an out-of-state case has filed a lawsuit against a hospital, claiming medical malpractice.

The man said he was hospitalized after complaining of perirectal discomfort. After he was physically examined, he was found to likely have an abscess. The man asserted that the surgery was performed, which involved cutting, draining and debriding — or cleaning — an abscess as well as removing necrotic tissue.

The man later had to have a second procedure done that, again, involved cutting and debriding the abscess. After the surgery, gauze dressings were used on the wound. However, the next day, the man had to go to another hospital because of scrotal swelling. After he was treated there and discharged, he ended up developing a lump in the area of the scrotum. Thus, he had to undergo yet another surgery at the first hospital, in which an entire roll of gauze was taken out of the area where the abscess had been.

The man claimed the employees at the first hospital did not appropriately evaluate his wound and ensure that no gauze remained in it other than that which was placed in the wound and then removed on a daily basis. He said the staff’s medical malpractice error caused him to accrue medical expenses as well as experience emotional distress and pain and suffering. When medical professionals in New York breach the standard of care and cause harm to a patient, the patient has the right to file a lawsuit against them, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages linked to the documented malpractice incident.

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