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Month: July 2015

Woman files premises liability suit against Walgreens

When a retail establishment in New York fails to keep its floors free of hazards, this can cause a slip-and-fall accident leading to serious injuries. One woman in another state said a floor that was wet at a Walgreens store recently caused her to slip and fall. She...

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Medical malpractice suit filed against radiologists

A doctor's negligence can have dire consequences on patients of any age in New York. The parents of a young boy recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a couple of radiologists who allegedly did not detect signs that their son had cancer. The parents...

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Hospital accused of medical malpractice

When people fall ill in New York, they depend on their doctors and medical staff to treat them appropriately and nurse them back to health. Carelessness on the part of medical professionals, however can end up exacerbating the patient's medical condition. One man in...

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Car accidents may lead to major injuries, death in New York

One person lost his life and multiple others were injured in a recent vehicle accident in New York. These types of car accidents can easily occur if one driver is being careless behind the wheel. The accident happened on a Monday and involved three cars.Police said a...

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