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Car accidents involving pedestrians may lead to injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Four individuals were recently hurt after being struck by a livery cab in New York. The accident took place at the intersection of two streets. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the injuries suffered in car accidents involving pedestrians, it may help the injured parties to achieve a sense of closure following a life-altering wreck.

Police said the vehicle accident occurred when the cab jumped a curb. A witness said the car struck a street corner at about 60 mph to 65 mph. Two pedestrians ended up being hit, and two individuals inside the vehicle also suffered injuries.

Police said that witnesses reported seeing one man being hit so hard that the man was thrown multiple feet in the air and struck the concrete as he descended. The driver was also slumped over his cab’s steering wheel after the crash and appeared to have hit his head. The four injured parties were taken to the hospital. The driver was not charged immediately following the accident, although police continued to investigate the crash.

The cab driver, along with his employer, may be held liable for the injuries caused by the New York pedestrian accident. The injury victims may opt to file personal injury claims, pursuing damages. If awarded, monetary damages may help them to pay for their related medical costs as well as other expenses stemming from these types of car accidents, such as lost wages. A preponderance of the evidence is needed to establish the cab driver’s financial responsibility in this accident case.

Source: CBS New York, “Officials: Car Strikes Pedestrians Near Central Park“, June 8, 2015


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