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Month: June 2015

Teen suffers brain injury in New York accident

One teenager recently suffered injury to his brain in a vehicle accident in New York. The brain injury accident occurred on a Monday night. It took place at about 10:20 p.m.Police said the teenager was in a car's back seat on his way back from an automobile show with...

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Medical malpractice suit filed following eyelid surgery

Victims of medical malpractice in New York have the right to seek to hold the alleged perpetrator of the malpractice accountable. One woman in another state recently sued a doctor and a clinic foundation after she reportedly suffered eyelid disfigurement due to...

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Car accidents involving pedestrians may lead to injuries

Four individuals were recently hurt after being struck by a livery cab in New York. The accident took place at the intersection of two streets. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the injuries suffered in car accidents involving pedestrians, it may help the...

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Car accidents may cause serious injuries in New York

A two-vehicle crash in New York recently caused multiple injuries. The crash happened just before noon on a Sunday. It took place along Route 13. Sometimes these types of car accidents happen due to negligent driving, such as driving while distracted or failure...

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