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Woman who fell at Walmart alleges premises liability

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Premises Liability

Slipping and falling down on a property in New York that has not been properly maintained can lead to serious injuries. One woman in a different state recently claimed that she slipped and fell at a Walmart, which caused her to suffer injuries. She has filed a premises liability suit against the department store.

The woman said that she was at the store when she slipped on some liquid on the establishment’s floor. She said the liquid created a condition that was unreasonably dangerous. As a result, she filed a complaint against the company, alleging premises liability and negligence.

The woman said that Walmart did not construct its walking surface using non-slip materials. She further claimed that the store did not maintain, inspect or repair the property as needed, nor did the company warn her about the hazard. According to her complaint, Walmart also did not train its workers to manage these types of dangerous conditions.

In her claim, the woman said that the incident caused her pain and suffering, as well as anguish. She also cited medical expenses, along with physical disfigurement and/or impairment, both past and future. She is seeking a total of $375,000 for damages and medical expenses. An individual in New York who has been injured on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s carelessness has the right to file a premises liability claim against the owner. Financial restitution in a case that is presented successfully might include monetary relief, which may help the injured individual to cover his or her fall-related medical costs and move forward after his or her accident.

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