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March 2015 Archives

Estate tax cutoff amount in New York will soon be rising

Here in New York, some, but not all, estates of deceased individuals are subject to a state estate tax. What determines whether or not a given estate here in New York will have a state estate tax liability? A deceased person's estate will be subject to the tax if, when you add the gross estate amount and the includible gifts amount for the estate together, the combined amount exceeds a certain cutoff level.

What can we do to prevent deadly car accidents at train crossings?

It's clear that automobiles are the chief mode of transportation in America. But even through cars and trucks reign supreme, there are other important modes of transportation in use as well, including trains. Unfortunately, the thousands of points where auto traffic and train traffic intersect are far more dangerous than most of us realize.

Birth injuries lawsuit alleges doctor distracted by auto trouble

One commonly repeated stereotype about doctors is the allegation that they do what they do simply for the money and status it generates. Critics say that some doctors care more about their luxury cars and vacation homes than they do about their patients.

Should you discuss your will & other documents with intended heirs?

In families where disputes never seem to settle and familial cooperation is lacking, estate planning can be a difficult prospect. Parents may want to include their adult children in their wills and overall estate plans, but may not want to talk about what each son or daughter will be inheriting.

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