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January 2015 Archives

More details emerge in lawsuit over Joan Rivers' death

We have previously written about the untimely and tragic death of comedienne Joan Rivers. In late August of 2014, Rivers suffered serious complications while under anesthesia at a New York endoscopy clinic and died not long afterward. While serious or fatal complications can occur even under the best of circumstances, Rivers' daughter has filed a lawsuit alleging that her injuries and death were the result of medical negligence.

Preventing medical errors may be as simple as better listening

Have you ever gone to a medical appointment and felt like your doctor just wasn't listening? Perhaps he looked at your chart while you talked, never glancing up to make eye contact. Maybe he was typing on a computer or frequently interrupted you without letting you finish.

Virtual reality: A safe way to learn dangers of distracted driving

If you've got a teenager in the house, chances are that you're worried about their safety behind the wheel. Statistics show that teen drivers are at a higher risk for a fatal accident within the first year of licensure than at any other time after that.

Don't forget about digital estate planning this year

With 2015 now in full swing, you may want to review your estate planning documents (or getting started on estate planning if you have not already done so). When you look things over, consider whether or not the executor of your estate will be able to access all of your important password-protected information.

Vehicle problems leading to truck accidents often go unnoticed

In November, we wrote about the investigation into a serious truck accident that occurred in Ithaca last June. A semi-truck with a loaded car carrier crashed into a restaurant, injuring seven people and killing one more. As with many New York truck accidents, this one likely could have been prevented if the truck had been pulled out of service (due to its horrendous safety record and other problems).

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