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November 2014 Archives

Trucker found guilty in New York trial for crash that killed 6

Broome County criminal courts may punish drivers who cause accident injuries or deaths. Criminal actions are not required for injured victims and surviving family members to pursue civil claims. In fact, criminal and civil cases concerning the same accident sometimes overlap.

Comedian may not fully recover from brain injury

The devastating and potentially permanent damage that a traumatic brain injury can do has been brought home to millions of Americans and people around the world as popular comedian Tracy Morgan continues to struggle in the aftermath of a devastating accident last summer.

Multiple brain injuries alleged in NY wrongful death lawsuit

In response to growing concern about the dangers of traumatic brain injury, high schools across New York have been adopting new athletic policies that change protocols for removing potentially concussed players from games and practices. Additionally, coaches and other adults are being trained to better spot signs of brain injury and to respond accordingly.

GM reportedly kept families of original 13 victims in the dark

Imagine losing a beloved family member under somewhat suspicious circumstances and then having your inquiries denied for more than a decade. This might be the reality that some face when their family members are involved in military special operations or the CIA. In those cases, silence and secrecy are likely matters of national security.

Investigation of NY truck accident reveals widespread negligence

Whenever you see a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle out on the road, most people take for granted that the vehicle is in proper working order, the driver is experienced and the company works hard to maintain a good safety record. Unfortunately, history has repeatedly shown that making positive assumptions can be dangerous when it comes to commercial trucking operations.

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