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Month: October 2014

Was medical negligence to blame for Joan Rivers’ death?

Americans have lost several beloved entertainers this year, including actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and legendary comedian Robin Williams. In early September, trailblazing comedienne Joan Rivers joined the list of celebrities we lost too soon.Unfortunately, the...

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Estate planning basics: What is an executor?

If you haven’t thought much about estate planning before now, you may be curious (but embarrassed to ask) about basic information. For instance, you have probably heard about naming an “executor” of your will and overall estate plan.But do you know...

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The biggest mistake in estate planning is not having one

With something as complicated as an estate plan, there are bound to be common mistakes that professionals warn against making. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to regularly see articles with titles like “the biggest estate planning mistakes to...

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A closer look at the human costs of GM’s recall scandal

Reports on the General Motors recall scandal over dangerous and defective ignition switches have been largely about numbers. The vehicle defect was known to certain GM employees for at least a decade, but a recall was not issued until earlier this year. At that time,...

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