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September 2014 Archives

Lawsuit against Hyundai made similar accusations to GM scandal

2014 has been a big year for automotive recalls. General Motors has received the most negative press for allegedly trying to cover up ignition switch defects, which delayed recalls by a decade or more. But GM is not the only company facing product liability lawsuits, nor the only automaker facing allegations that known defects were hidden and recalls were delayed.

Moving out of state? You may need to update your estate plan

Most people agree that moving is among the most stressful and annoying life transitions that any of us has to engage in. While a new house in a new location can be exciting and feel like a fresh start, the act of packing, carrying and unpacking all your stuff makes many people think twice about whether the move is worth it.

The serious problem of 'retained foreign objects' after surgery

After completing a stay in a hospital, you may be sent home with a souvenir of your visit. Nurses often let you take home those special hospital socks with thick material and treads on the bottom. Other times, you get to keep the little water pitcher from your bedside table tray.

Car accidents involving motorcycles can lead to death

Driving around other vehicles can naturally be intimidating for a motorcyclist. This is because the larger size of other vehicles makes them more of a threat on the road if they are not handled with care when around a motorcyclist. Car accidents involving motorcyclists can quickly result in injuries and even death in New York.

New York car accidents are often attributed to negligent behavior

Getting into an accident can be a frightening experience for an injured party. The individual may struggle with the cost of getting the medical treatment needed following the accident. In addition, he or she might have to miss work, which means losing income on top of the mounting medical bills. Monetary compensation may help injured parties to cope with the losses sustained in New York car accidents.

Wills specify how assets will be divided after one dies

Parents often focus heavily on planning for retirement and for their children's college education. However, estate planning is often placed on the back burner, although creating wills is essential for protecting one's assets and the long-term financial well-being of one's children. It's wise to ask several questions when putting together an estate plan in New York.

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