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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Mediation, & Administrative Hearings

ADR Attorney Arbitrators, Mediators, & Administrative Hearing Officers

Litigation is a time-honored method of resolving disputes between parties. But it is not the only method. Alternative Dispute Resolution or “ADR” is an effective and growing field which may offer parties a faster and less costly process to resolve disputes to complex legal issues. Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to any method of resolving disputes without litigation. ADR includes arbitration, mediation, and other forms of administrative hearings, some of which are mandatory and others are voluntary.

Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP has a team of lawyers who are experienced arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers in a broad range of practice areas. Our attorneys serve as neutrals in the fields of labor and employment law, education law, disability law, construction law, and other areas. We bring years of experience as litigators, advocates, and neutrals to the field of ADR and we have proven results for our clients. Our substantive knowledge of the law combined with our skill at resolving disputes through alternative means may be exactly the type of cost-effective and timely approach that you need.

In addition, our firm is fully equipped with the latest technology to conduct arbitrations, mediations, and other hearings.

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If you would like to discuss retaining an arbitrator, mediator, or hearing officer, we invite you to contact our office at 607-821-2202 and ask for Robert H. McKertich, Esq., or contact our firm via email, to schedule a consultation.