Zoning And Land Use Law

Real Estate Legal Counsel For Residential And Commercial Clients In The Binghamton Region

There are many hurdles to developing residential and commercial property in New York State and Pennsylvania. Zoning and land use issues are among those that can present a significant hindrance to successful development.

The right counsel can make all the difference when seeking approval of your real estate development. At Coughlin & Gerhart, we have a team of attorneys specifically experienced in the area of real estate law. Our firm recognizes the significant financial and personal investment behind any development project, and we aim to make the process of seeking approvals as straightforward and predictable as possible.

Paving The Way For Our Clients’ Development Goals

The attorneys of our real estate practice group are well versed in helping our clients obtain all necessary government permits and other approvals for both residential and commercial development. We also represent developers who must take their cases before zoning boards of appeal and help them vindicate their property rights there.

We also acknowledge the role that citizen opposition can play in significantly stalling and derailing projects. We provide the counsel developers need to overcome this opposition and reap the rewards of their investments.

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