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Medical malpractice situation resolved before jury is charged

A family acting on behalf of a loved one has accepted a settlement after a trial had already been in progress for six weeks. The situation began some time ago, when a man went to the doctor saying he was suffering severe neck pain. As events unfolded, it became clear to the family that the doctor had apparently failed to correctly diagnose the man's condition. A medical malpractice lawsuit ensued. There may be New York residents currently facing similar problems.

Healing the wounds of medical malpractice, one stitch at a time

No one in New York (or anywhere for that matter) really likes to think about having to undergo any type of necessary surgery related to an adverse health condition. Most people are thankful, however, that advanced technology and skilled hands make it possible to provide healing and improved health to those who suffer -- many from conditions that would typically have been fatal just a few decades ago. There's obviously a safety risk inherent in every surgical procedure, but patients should be able to trust that the utmost care will be taken to keep them safe; when medical malpractice occurs, it can devastate lives forever.

Large mass inside man's body allegedly due to medical malpractice

When a person enters a New York hospital for surgery, it's typically an uncertain situation. Surgeons and patients usually have an idea of what will occur, but there's really no way of knowing exactly what might transpire in the operating room or during recovery. Everyone obviously hopes for the best, but sometimes things go very wrong and medical malpractice issues arise.

Substantial recovery awarded parents in medical malpractice case

The birth of one's first child is typically a joyful, exciting experience. Pregnancy is challenging in many ways for mothers in and beyond New York, and they often breathe extended sighs of relief when their babies are born. All too often, however, doctors make errors that result in devastating injuries, turning what were meant to be happy occasions into living nightmares. A medical malpractice lawsuit in another state is evidence of this.

Is your worsened health condition due to medical malpractice?

Who knows how many people in New York will undergo surgery this year. It's safe to assume there will be many. Reasons for surgery will likely vary, from elective procedures to life-or-death emergency situations. One thing's certain, however: Patients entrusting themselves to professional medical care have the right to reasonably assume all measures taken will be in accordance with the highest level of accepted safety standards. Otherwise, medical malpractice incidents may occur.

Medical malpractice problematic in many New York regions

When a person undergoes surgery or receives some other type of medical treatment at a New York hospital or doctor's office, it's assumed those providing the care will act in accordance with the highest levels of accepted safety standards. While there's always a certain amount of risk inherent in any medical procedure, a patient has the right to reasonably expect safe and adequate care. Substandard care may result in severe injury or illness to patients, which often leads to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Many lawsuits filed for medical malpractice at same hospital

Many New York residents understand how stressful it is to be told heart surgery is needed to survive. Any type of surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk. Some surgeries, such as those involving the heart, are inherently more dangerous than others. When surgeons are negligent, severe injuries often occur, leading to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Parents file medical malpractice lawsuit for baby mix-up

The hours and days following a baby's birth are crucial in that the child's overall well-being is assessed and the mother is given the precious opportunity to bond with and nurture her child. Sadly, some after-birth experiences in New York do not go as planned. Nursing negligence and other medical malpractice situations often result in injuries to either babies and/or their mothers.

Some doctors might hide mistakes to avoid medical malpractice

Any person undergoing medical treatment or surgical procedures in New York might assume that if a doctor or nurse makes a mistake, he or she will inform the patient as soon as possible. Recent data suggests the likelihood of this occurring is next to none. Most doctors surveyed reportedly said they would they hide mistakes. Moreover, they would not even apologize to a patient out of concern about potential medical malpractice claims.

UPMC denies medical malpractice, several lawsuits settled

Many medical patients in New York may relate to those in other states who have suffered injury, illness and/or economic loss due to substandard medical care. As part of a recent federal whistle-blower lawsuit, two patients agreed to settle their cases. Representatives for the defendants continue to deny medical malpractice allegations. 

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