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Apparent connection between peripheral vision and brain injury

Any New York parent who has sat with a young football or hockey player who has suffered an apparent concussion understands how worrisome it can be. Sports injuries are by far not the only causes of brain injury, however. Even minor car accidents can result in such injuries, with matters made worse if symptoms are not immediately apparent.

Recovering from a brain injury affects more than just the brain

Every year, thousands of people across the nation (including many in New York) suffer traumatic injuries that change their lives forever. Although there are many types of catastrophic injuries, a brain injury, in particular, is often most serious. Surprisingly, it takes far less blunt force than one might think to cause a devastating injury to the brain.

Seeking recovery for losses when a child suffers brain injury

New York parents and legal guardians are responsible for children in many ways. They are obligated to provide their temporal needs of food, shelter and clothing. If a child suffers a serious injury, even more attention and care may be needed to help in recovery. When a permanent brain injury has been suffered, that extra care may be necessary for a lifetime.

Omega-3 fatty acids may help those with brain injury

Treating injuries to the brain in New York and other parts of the United States remains a challenge clinically. So far, clinical studies have not been able to pinpoint a treatment strategy that is effective when the aspects of neuroregeneration, neuroprotection and neuroinflammation need to be controlled. However, research has revealed that omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial for traumatic brain injury.

Brain injury victims struggle to regulate emotions

One of the challenges that people with traumatic brain injury face in New York is being able to control and regulate their emotions. Brain injury victims also struggle to remember information and might also suffer from headaches. However, researchers are exploring whether deep-brain stimulation may actually help to improve the lives of brain injury victims.

Discovery may make it easier to deliver brain injury treatments

One new scientific discovery may lead to brand new therapeutics for people with traumatic brain injuries in New York and other states. The discovery involves using a peptide to send drugs to brain areas that are injured. Through this discovery, it may be possible for medical providers to deliver brain injury treatments that ultimately limit how extensive the brain damage will get.

Medical malpractice suit filed following knee surgery

A doctor's failure to diagnose a patient's medical condition in New York may unfortunately lead to serious harm to the patient, if not death. One man in another state recently filed a medical malpractice suit against a physician and hospital after they allegedly failed to diagnose an infection. The infection reportedly occurred after the man had knee surgery.

Vitamins may help in treating brain injury

Brain injury can unfortunately cause people in New York to suffer symptoms such as seizures or concentration problems. There currently is no known cure for traumatic brain injuries. However, researchers recently said that vitamins might actually play a role in the treatment of a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injury symptoms include memory problems

Traumatic brain injuries are responsible for 2.5 million deaths, visits to the ER and hospitalizations ever year in the United States, including in New York.  Brain injuries result from a jolt, bump or blow to a person's head. The month of March has been set aside for evaluating ways in which to better prevent as well as treat brain injury.

Child with brain injury can benefit from early nutrition support

For children in New York and other states who have endured traumatic brain injuries, nutritional support early in the course of medical treatment has been associated better outcomes. More specifically, a child with a traumatic brain injury may experience the best results if he or she receives food within three days of being in the intensive care unit. This is based on recent research findings.

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